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Hi, I'm Marcy.

Coach, Author, Yogini, 
lover of Beautiful Humans

I used to believe that I had to work very, very hard and constantly put my needs on the back burner while caring for others. Taking time for myself meant that I was being "selfish." 


I know other women struggle with this, too. They believe they must nurture others all the time, and then their own needs and happiness come last.


I also know men struggle with this. They believe their role is to provide financially, and in this way are also bound by duty. Again, their happiness comes last. 


Instead, we try to "find” happiness on long weekends and vacations.


Well, I learned the hard way that this model is not sustainable.


Like so many others I’ve spoken to - who are so bound by duty and the expectations they perceive others have placed on them - I always chose myself last.


I grew tired and resentful.


I lost my sense of self.


Then one day, I began to ask, and I began to dream. I began to dig so darn deep into the limiting beliefs that had me believing that my secret wishes could come to light only after everyone else was fed, and safe, and tucked in for the night. 


For others like me, it can take a while to gather the clues on the path to our kindest, most productive and most lit-up selves.


The good news is that I got it back, plus even more energy to go after the life of my dreams!


And you can too.


You do not have to be a workhorse.


You do not have to struggle in order to have worth.


You can be of service and live according to your highest purpose, and give the best of yourself to the world, without emptying your tank.


You do not need to abandon your commitment to the people you love… it actually means that you're going to be happier when interacting with those you love! (And they may learn how to take a little bit better care of themselves in the process. Can you say win-win?)


I can help you get clear on what you desire for your one wild and precious life.


The love and ability that you have inside of you is unlimited. Imagine what you can do, and how you can change things for those around you if you are excited when you wake up each day.


I am so passionate, so fired up, so absolutely committed to seeing you happy. This is not only good for you, but it's good for everybody. When each of us discovers and expresses our true purpose, we in fact make the world a better place. 


Man, I have personally loved the journey so far. So damn much.


If you want an accountability partner on your journey, I can do that for you; save you some time, and bring some order to your mind.


Let me show you how. Simply click a button below to chat privately with me in Facebook Messenger.


Let's begin, Beautiful Humans.