Move Forward with Joy

Find your inner calm centre

Marcy is passionate about yoga teachers earning what they're worth and making a living using this gift of yoga to help clients facilitate their own healing.

Do you have questions about developing your niche as a yoga teacher? Do you want to make your yoga business more efficient? Do you simply want to bounce your ideas off of an experienced teacher?  As a Certified Yoga Alliance Education Provider (YACEP), all consulting hours with Marcy count towards Training Hours with the Yoga Alliance. 

Do you stand up for your own needs?


Are you doing what you want to do, or are the choices you make dictated by a sense of duty?


Are you worn out all of the time and feel underappreciated?


If so, then let me ask you two other questions:


1) How good are you at asking someone else for help?

2) How good are you at having someone else do something "imperfectly"?


I get it.


I used to believe that I had to work very, very hard, and constantly put my needs on the back burner while caring for others, because taking time for myself meant that I was being "selfish". 


Well, I learned the hard way that this model is not sustainable.


I grew tired and resentful.

I lost my sense of self.


The good news is that I got it back, plus even more energy to go after the life of my dreams!


And you can too.


This doesn't mean that you're going to abandon your commitment to the people you love -- it actually means that you're going to be happier when interacting with those you love! (And they may learn how to take a little bit better care of themselves in the process.) Can you say win-win?


You do not have to be a workhorse.


You do not have to struggle in order to have worth.


You can be of service and live according to your highest purpose, and give the best of yourself to the world, without emptying your tank.


Let me teach you how.


Reach out to me, if this interests you and set up a call to join my next group coaching program.


Yup, you can change your energy, and some of the beliefs that have you stuck. Invest in yourself.

What a gift to yourself and those who love you.


Guiding you through a wide variety of topics including:

  • Finding Your Voice: Creating Your Personal Brand

  • Managing Imposter Syndrome

  • Short term and Long term Goals and Obstacles

  • Fulfillment: Making the most of life

  • Coping with Challenges and Difficulties

  • General Guidance and Mentorship

Bridget M Yoga Teacher

Bridget M.

Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher

Marcy is wise and wonderful... she really sees me for the individual that I am, and through her vast knowledge, and her experience, and her connection to the community, she knows exactly where to put me, exactly where I'll fit in, exactly where I can make money, and how to do it, and how to get there, and what I need to do right now to start on my path."

Watch Bridget's video for more.

Credit to Jessica Copeland Phography

Amanda Z.

Certified 500hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Marcy is a wealth of knowledge! She has helped me with a variety of topics and concerns I've had in being a Certified Yoga Teacher and how to run a business.  She is understanding and very kind with her knowledge.  I would recommend Marcy to anyone looking for support, more information on running your yoga business and a cheer leader in your corner.  10/10 - I would work with Marcy again.

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