Restorative Mobility Treatments

Is your lower back sore?

Do you feel stiff, slow and... old?

Are you struggling with chronic pain?

I have good news: so much of this can be resolved with restorative mobility treatments!


At Calm Centre, we specialize in gentle mobility and functional movement because Marcy believes in respecting your body and listening to the messages that it delivers. 

To help you achieve wellness and vitality for your whole being, Marcy has partnered with Ismail Abdelkader, a Registered Physiotherapist and founder of Core Physical Care, a mobile physiotherapy clinic that brings wellness TO YOU!

Marcy and Ismail will work together to help you achieve wellness and vitality for your whole being. Your Restorative Mobility sessions are covered under your Extended Health Benefits. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Click the button below to schedule an appointment with Ismail at Core Physical Care (1-844-854-8272). When you book your appointment, be sure you mention that you want to work with Marcy! 

  2. Ismail will design your plan of care and discuss it with Marcy.

  3. You book your in-person sessions with Marcy. 

  4. You submit your payment to Ismail, so that your Extended Health Benefits can be used.

  5. See Marcy and begin to feel better! Marcy takes notes and discusses your treatment progress with Ismail so that any tweaks can be made to your plan of care.

Questions? Send Marcy a private message anytime!

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Ismail Abdelkader

M. Ismail Abdelkader

Adjunct Lecturer at University of Toronto




Ismail's approach is strongly informed by evidence-based active therapy rather than more traditional passive treatments.


Believing that pain management on its own is not rehab, Ismail and his team use multifocal techniques such as Soft Tissue Mobilizations, Soft Tissue Release, joint mobilizations, trigger point releases, and therapeutic methods to help people increase their wellness, quality of life, restore their mobility, and live their best life.