What My Clients Say...

Ocean Rocks

“Working with Marcy has been amazing!! I joined the Calm Centre because I felt stuck and didn’t know how to move forward. Marcy provided a safe, non-judgmental environment to share and learn.

- Michelle

“I have been working with Marcy for a few years now. She has always provided the utmost care and compassion during our sessions, as well as many laughs.


Marcy has taught me that my mind and body work as a team. She grounds me.”

— Kim

Calm Lake

Marcy is wise and wonderful... she really sees me for the individual that I am. 


Through her vast knowledge, experience, and connection to the community, she knows exactly where to put me, where I'll fit in, where I can make money, how to do it, how to get there, and what I need to do right now to start on my path."

- Bridget

“Working with Marcy has provided me with a sense of direction moving forward in to this new entrepreneurial world. The coaching group has been a wonderful source of support and wisdom.

The most important part for me was breaking through my fear of dreaming BIG! Thank-you Marcy!”

- Nicole

Yoga at Home

"In my personal life, I was constantly hard on myself in all situations and somehow turned the finger on me.

Marcy listened and quickly helped steer my compass in the right direction by gently shining a light on the path. She became my own “personal cheerleader” on this journey of self-love and acceptance."

- Anonymous Client

"Marcy and her coaching program have been integral in my journey and growth. I could not have made the steps that I have without her  support, encouragement, and morsels of wisdom.”

- Michelle


“I have never felt a connection like the one with Marcy. She listened, she heard my struggle, and gave me an empathetic response and advice. She listened to me as if the words I was saying provided value. Not only did Marcy see my value, she made ME see MY value."


- Anonymous Client

Marcy went beyond listening, she introduced me to tools.


She added in her own personal twists on the advice, and made the connection REAL.

Like the nurturing, warm and fresh soul she is, she has poured her support out to me. I am full of hope.”

- Anonymous Client

Book Pages

“BAM. Just like that, Marcy did her magic. She helped me create an instant positive change in my personal life."

- Anonymous Client

"Marcy's gentle but firm awakening of my right to feel "worthy" transformed my thought process and allowed me to let go of shame."

- Anonymous Client

Marcy is a wealth of knowledge! She is very kind and understanding. 

I would recommend Marcy to anyone looking for support and a cheerleader in your corner. 

10/10 - I would work with Marcy again.

- Amanda