Simcoe Community Services

We enjoyed the afternoon, the weather was certainly in our favour!  We all enjoyed the decompression. The yoga session was excellent.  The relaxation techniques and stretches as well as positions were so appreciated.  The team really loved the session under the tree!  Thanks so much!



Tense muscles?? The [Yoga Tune-Up] Balls are the BOMB!! Come join me at the Calm Centre. Let my beautiful friend Marcy guide you through a rejuvenating Gentle Flow or Restorative class. You owe it to yourself!!



Absolutely LOVE Marcy’s class in her Calm studio. Fully relaxing, fully restorative, fully enjoyable and always a little room for laughter…ok, maybe a lot. Love!


Busch Systems

10/10 because Marcy is wonderful! Our group class has the best yoga experience with her.



After meeting with Marcy just once, I already knew this is the yoga studio for me.  Marcy is very warm and inviting, makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  The small studio helps for one on one with Marcy to make sure you are getting the full benefit from the class.  Looking forward to what I will learn from Marcy.